Heather Rosenman creates ceramic vessels and sculptures rich in form and texture. A New York native, currently based in Los Angeles, she studied at The Cooper Union and The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Her collections are informed by a deep appreciation of ceramics, modern art and the history of design.


Her designs emphasize minimalism by simplifying forms to their organic essence, featuring graphic surfaces and lava glaze developed through experimentation.

Inspired by ancient forms, industrial design, Brutalism and geology, she’s driven to combine a primitive aesthetic with modern sensibilities.


Pieces are made to order and available as they come out of the kiln. 


If you are interested in commissioning work, feel free to contact me directly.



Architectural Digest PRO
January 2019
Interiors Magazine
January 2019
Heather Rosenman for
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Available 2019 KneedlerFauchere
Kerry Joyce
The Intangible
November 2018
Architectural Digest
July 2018
Galerie Magazine
June 2018
Luxe Magazine
November 2017
Architectural Digest
December 2016
Sunset Magazine
October 2016
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